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On campus

The importance of sustainability

The Office of Sustainability at Tech offers a range of year-round green activities, so you can celebrate the Earth during more than just in April.  Delayne Miller is the Office of Sustainability’s only staff member, with the rest of the team being student workers.  “Most of them work the campus […]

On campus

‘Divisive Concepts’ in the classroom

Divisive concepts is a term many individuals have become familiar with through news stories and social media.  Now these words are being used to describe parts of a curriculum, some of which are facing controversy and speculation.  ‘Divisive concepts’ aim to educate individuals on concepts such as race, sex, white […]

On campus

‘Divisive concepts’ survey sent to students cause confusion, concern

   On January 23rd a survey was sent out by Tech president Phil Oldham. The email explained Tennessee state legislature had passed HB 2670 in the year 2022.     This is a law that “prohibits public institutions of higher education from taking certain actions regarding divisive concepts and the ideologies of employees.” […]