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Ending of Queen Elizabeth’s Era

After a period of mourning across the country, her majesty’s coffin will be taken from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, where both kings and queens alike are crowned,here her funeral will be held on Sept. 19 at 11 a.m.  This will be the first monarch’s funeral hosted in Westminster Abbey […]


Craig Zamer Personality Feature

Dozens of voices echo off the vaulted ceiling and stained glass of the Iglesia la Soledad. Smiles occupy the faces of the Costa Rican locals sitting in the pews. As harmonic tones vibrate from wall to wall, the audience hangs on every note, captivated by the melody’s will.  In an […]


Tech’s Final Preseason Football Scrimmage

Tech football’s preseason ended with the Gathering of Eagles scrimmage Saturday, Aug. 20.  “I feel great about this first game,” Golden Eagles’ quarterback Jeremiah Oatsvall said. “We’re getting better each week and each practice. We just can’t hurt ourselves and lock in on the details because when it comes to […]


Ramadan, Goats and French Are Just a Part of Dr. Barnard

A bright, curious young woman sits on a toilet in Tunisia, nervously tossing popcorn in the corner of the hay-covered bathroom in hopes of keeping the ram occupied while it awaits its Ramadan sacrifice. Through the power of French, Dr. Debbie Barnard was the fortunate soul to experience the true […]


Freshmen Shouldn’t Be Forced to Live On Campus

Living in a dorm tends to be a rite of passage for college students everywhere. Unfortunately for many freshmen at Tech, they aren’t given a choice in the matter. Tech’s housing policy states all freshmen are required to live on campus their first year. However, students may be granted a […]