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Intolerance is something underserving of toleration

The fundamentals of any democracy is proper representation of all voices within the society.  A democratic society must have tolerance in order to respect these voices and give them space to participate. To take this to mean that there must be absolute tolerance of all positions, however, would be a […]

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“College Is The Best 4 Years of Your Life”…NOT

I hate it when people try to tell us, “Your college years are the best years of your life!”  I don’t know about you, but I always immediately think, “Gosh, I hope not.”  College is full of stressful academic deadlines, a diet of caffeine, cafeteria food and Cookout, and less […]

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Tech Counseling Center and Mental Health

Tech continues to grow, with over 10,000 freshmen on campus in the fall of 2022. With this rise in numbers, students should be aware of the university’s resources.             The university provides health and safety tools.            Leigh Ann Ray, director of JJ Oakley Health Services, stated, “There are lots of resources […]

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Ending of Queen Elizabeth’s Era

After a period of mourning across the country, her majesty’s coffin will be taken from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, where both kings and queens alike are crowned,here her funeral will be held on Sept. 19 at 11 a.m.  This will be the first monarch’s funeral hosted in Westminster Abbey […]


Craig Zamer Personality Feature

Dozens of voices echo off the vaulted ceiling and stained glass of the Iglesia la Soledad. Smiles occupy the faces of the Costa Rican locals sitting in the pews. As harmonic tones vibrate from wall to wall, the audience hangs on every note, captivated by the melody’s will.  In an […]