Author: Ana Pena-Velasco

On campus

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15 in the United States for recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture and achievements of the United States. The observation started as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson in 1968, and was […]


Abolish Greek Life instagram causes a stir on campus

The Abolish Greek life movement that has been sweeping across the country has made its way to Tech.  Inspired by the Abolish Greek life Movement at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, which has received national attention, students at Tech have now formed their own coalition on the matter. According to […]

Off campus

Smith: Poverty is not a crime

The Cookeville City Council is in a battle over a proposed public safety ordinance that would ban panhandling in certain areas within city limits.  Panhandling  is defined as to stop people on the street and ask for food or money according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The last city council meeting, […]

On campus

Tech sees increase in enrollment and learning options for fall 2020

The enrollment for first-time freshmen and overall undergraduate enrollment is slightly up this fall compared to fall of 2019 according to Karen Lykins, chief communication officer. Graduate numbers are up significantly this fall compared to last fall. “Fall 2020 undergraduate enrollment is up over fall 2019 by 45 students, at […]


Intramurals Look Different this Fall

One thing that is conducted at Tech every semester that involves campus recreation is intramural sports.   This is also a way to get students involved in some type of sport activity.  Intramurals will look different this year with the coronavirus going around.  “Obviously we had to change the types […]

National News

Wildfires devastate the West

At least 35 people are dead following wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington, the Associated Press reported. The wildfires have burned over 4.6 million acres in 87 large fires. With wildfires burning millions of acres, smoke has traveled down to Hawaii and all the way to New York. This poses […]

Off campus

Bonnaroo goes virtual

The Farm, located in Manchester, Tennessee looks a little different this year. The grass is still green, untrampled by 80,000 people, but the bands are still hard at play. No High-Five Friday shared with music fans from all over the world. This year’s Bonnaroo festival, called ROO-ALITY, will be held […]

On campus

Oldham addresses uncertainty, health concerns of Tech community

  President Oldham discussed COVID-19 updates, university enrollment, tuition, and finances at the fall 2020 Chat with the President.  This semester’s chat began with some opening remarks from President Oldham about campus updates.   “This is clearly a very unusual time in the history of our nation, in the history of this […]