A large dog sits on the hardwood floor of the living room.
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Tech History: The President’s House

At the end of the long, scenic driveway off North Dixie lies Walton House, the home of President Oldham. It stands tall with eight strong pillars and a sprawling lawn, complete with grand chandeliers and spiral staircases. The first President, Quinton Smith, did not live in Walton House, however. His […]

Dr. Matthew Pearce smiles for a selfie at an Appalachian Trail trail head

New Zealander researches at Tech

Electrical engineer? World traveler? Researcher? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what to call this New Zealander. Regardless of what you call him, this “kiwi” has always kept one thing in his mind: do the best you can with what you have. “The formative years were in Whangarei … It’s actually, […]

Chuck Sutherland poses for a photo in a cave, wearing a suit and mining helmet.

Geology Professor Explores Caves and Photography

The icy water lapped around the caver’s face as he sucked the ceiling for air. He was not dressed for swimming, but curiosity propelled him forward: it was too late to turn back. After risking hypothermia through the dark, frigid channel, geology professor Chuck Sutherland emerged into an opening, becoming […]