On campus

On campus

Federal judge sets discrimination lawsuit against Tech for trial

A case alleging discrimination against a female Tennessee Tech faculty member has been set for trial. Associate Professor of English Kristen Deiter filed the federal lawsuit against Tennessee Tech in July in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee alleging she was discriminated against when seeking a […]

Music On campus

Senior Percussionist takes Center Stage

“Playing percussion has given me an outlet to express myself, make lifelong friends I’ve formed relationships with, and given me some of the best moments of my life.”    Tech hosted a senior recital Sunday, Nov. 13 at 7:30 p.m., inside the Bryan Fine Arts building’s Wattenbarger Auditorium as a […]

News On campus

Faculty Senate issues a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in Tech CFO

 Tech’s Faculty Senate, an advisory board to the university president, has passed a “Vote of No Confidence” in the university’s vice president. The vote comes after  it was discovered that some faculty and staff members received raises exceeding the 1-7% approved by the Board of Trustees for the 2020-2021 academic […]

Lifestyle On campus

Living With a Roommate Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Are you the Good or the Bad Roommate? There are several benefits to sharing your living space with a roommate; saving on rent and utilities, sharing chores, using their Netflix account and having someone to talk to, but living with a stranger can have many issues.  Maybe you`re rooming with […]

On campus

Tech Professor Leads Support Group on Campus

“If I can make a small difference in the lives of at least one person or a few people, that, I think, would be considered a win.” Sociology professor Erica Bower is the assistant director of the Addiction Prevention and Support Coalition, a grant-funded project on Tech’s campus.  The group […]

On campus

Volpe Library Ranked Last Among State in Library Expenditures

Tech is ranked last among the state in library expenditures according to the recent budget advisory committee meeting shared by Dr. Lori Maxwell, president of the faculty senate.  This issue raised questions for the campus community about what academic resources are deemed necessary for funding from the university. Dean of […]

On campus

Under Construction

A staircase leading down to the Roaden University Center expansion in 2020, prior to it being replaced with the current plaza area. Photo by Elliot Payne. The plaza behind the Roaden University Center under construction in 2021. Photo by Elliot Payne. A look through construction fencing of the plaza behind […]

On campus Opinion

Midterm Elections, Are Tech Students Voting?

Midterm Elections. Every two years within the president’s four-year term, elections for Congress are held. This comprises two parts, the House of Representatives and Senate.  Congress makes nationwide laws. While the House decides which laws are voted on, Senate then can block or approve them.  Each state has two senators […]