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Marijuana busts lead to multiple charges

Within a one week period, campus police report five incidents involving marijuana, three students

Beat Reporter

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012 22:11

There were five incidents involving marijuana on campus over the course of seven days, and two of the five incidents resulted in charges being filed.

Three of the incidents occurred Nov 1.  

“We had a good lick that day, you know,” Gay Shepherd, chief of campus police, said.  “Our officers are very diligent.”  
The first incident occurred in a New Hall South dorm room around 7:45 p.m., according to the police report.  A fire alarm was sounded in one of the dorms, which brought a campus police officer to the room. Kaitlen Loflin and Michael Peyton Massey were inside the room.

“They were smoking in there,” Shepherd said. “They started spraying air freshener to cover the smell, and it set off the alarm.”
Loflin and Massey admitted to smoking marijuana and handed the officer a prescription pill bottle containing the illegal substance and other drug paraphernalia.  Both will be charged with simple possession, and the incident will be forwarded to the dean of students.

“It is not double jeopardy because one is a legal action and the other is disciplinary,” Shepherd said.

The other incident that led to charges occurred in McCord Hall at about 11 a.m.  According to the report, an officer responded to a call regarding the smell of marijuana coming from a dorm room.  The officer arrived and knocked at the door. Michael Mitchell let the officer in.  Mitchell admitted to the officer that he had been smoking marijuana.

Mitchell gave the officer permission to search the room, and a broken pipe was found.  Mitchell then handed over a wooden bowl containing marijuana.  
Mitchell was issued a citation for simple possession and referred to the dean of students.

Another incident involved a baggie containing a small amount of marijuana found in Dunn Hall.  There were no identifiable suspects.

In the parking lot north of Jobe Hall an officer witnessed three people in a parked car who appeared to be smoking marijuana.  

“The officer observed a small roach and a pack of rolling papers in the passenger seat,” Shepherd said.

“The RAs destroyed it before we got there,” Shepherd said.  “They called us two hours later.   I think we have corrected that situation.”

The resident was referred to the dean of students.  This was the second incident involving marijuana in McCord Hall over two days.

The campus police department could not release the names and details of the parties involved in the latter incidents as no formal charges were made.  

According to campus crime statistics, there were no drug law arrests or drug law violations referred for disciplinary action during 2009 and 2010 on campus property.  In 2011 there was one drug law arrest and three violations referred for disciplinary action on campus property.

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