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Letter to the Editor

Enough with religious rhetoric

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012 20:11

I’m writing this letter in response to one of the opinion pieces published in The Oracle, written by Haley Mullins, assistant opinion editor, entitled, “Hurricane Sandy: The alarm has sounded.”  
Here is my response on the more general topic this opinion represents, which attributes natural disasters to punishments from God in response to current policies set forth by the government.

Lately I’ve noticed when a disaster strikes, there are opinions given far more attention than they deserve. They seek to blame the latest disaster on current and disagreeable U.S. policies that apparently go against the will of God, bringing down His wrath on us in an attempt to teach us the error of our ways. I find this kind of thinking disturbing and distracting.

I have every respect for a person’s right to believe what they will and act according to their moral conscience, but let’s as a nation focus on the real challenges of restoring people’s lives back to normal after Hurricane Sandy, or how to resolve and bring peace to the complex and continuing conflict between Israel and Palestine where both sides have suffered death and injustice or perhaps let us consider the moral implications of attempting to deny a person the legal right to marry, and the legal privileges marriage provides, because of their partner’s sex.

No, instead we’re listening to claims about God creating these disasters to pass judgment on the U.S. Maybe God is judging America. Maybe not. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter because these issues require more nuanced responses that take into consideration the impact these problems and resolutions have on people’s lives.

How we respond to these issues is much more deserving of our consideration rather than debating questionable and circumstantial claims connecting coincidental events and the calamity that will ensue unless the U.S. aligns itself with His will.

In the end, I’m left scratching my head, wondering, how do these claims and this discussion really contribute anything to creating solutions to these and other large, looming problems?

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