ROTC looking for more nursing majors

Tech’s ROTC is looking for nursing majors to join its program and work toward being commissioned as second lieutenants in the Army Nurse Corps. Advanced degree programs and specialty training is available, paid for by the Army.Nursing students can be eligible for two, three and four year scholarships at Tech that include full tuition, nurse-related expenses, books, and stipends. They can also receive a palm pilot senior year for work.

“We will work with their clinicals and school work,” Maj. James Reed said. “Anything academic is priority number one.”

Students do not need to begin ROTC in their first year of school. Attending a 28 day summer Leadership Training Course after sophomore year and taking ROTC courses junior and senior years can insure academic alignment, where graduation and commission occur at the same time.

The Leadership Training Course at Fort Knox includes leadership briefings and team tasks such as ropes courses, combat water survival, and land navigation. All are designed to give the approximately 1,800 cadets attending quality leadership experiences.

“Leadership training challenges students more and gives life experiences while still in school,” said Maj. Reed.

The following summer, nurse cadets can take the Nurse Summer Training program which includes a three week clinical experience at an Army hospital. Each summer program offers pay and scholarship opportunities.

Upon graduation, an Army nurse can choose his or her station from 37 Army medical facilities where he or she will work as a second lieutenant for the Army Nurse Corps. An Army nurse has a guaranteed clinical job upon graduation and many chances for travel and continued education.

“The Army will pay for them to go back to school and earn a masters degree,” Maj. Reed explained.