Golden Eagle Film Festival begins next week with Oscar nominated film ‘Adam’

Two Academy Award Nominee films and a Sundance Film Festival winner will be featured at the Golden Eagle Film Festival beginning Tuesday.The festival is free to the Tech community and will be hosted Oct. 5, 12, and 26 in Millard Oakley Stem Center Auditorium from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Refreshments will be served during intermissions. The movies to be shown include “Adam,” “Lars and the Real Girl,” and “Murderball.”

“These movies are awesome,” said Chester Goad, Disability Services Office director. “Any student or faculty member will have a blast at these.”

“Adam” was a Sundance Film Festival winner and will be shown Tuesday. It tells the story of Adam, a man with Asperger’s Syndrome who is trying to impress a pretty new neighbor. In trying to overcome his sometimes embarrassing social skills, Adam may discover that developing a relationship may not be as hard as he previously thought.

“Lars and the Real Girl” was a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award Nominee and will be featured Oct. 12. Lars’ family becomes alarmed when he brings a life sized doll in a wheelchair to a family event. What follows is an emotional journey for Lars and those who surround him. According to an MGM synopsis, it is “a touching portrayal of emotional and physical disability and acceptance.”

“Murderball” will be presented Oct. 26. The film was a Feature Documentary Academy Award Nominee. “Murderball” tells the story of rough and tumble rugby players who are also quadriplegics. “These men will make you think differently about the word disabled,” according to a SWANK Motion Pictures synopsis.

“Our Tech athletes will love this movie; it’s hardcore,” Goad said.

The festival is a Center Stage event sponsored by the Disability Services Office.

Golden Eagle Film Festival Features:
Adam – Oct. 5
Lars and the real girl – Oct. 12
Murderball – Oct. 26
Showing at 9 PM in the STEM Center Auditorium