Cafeteria employees gain exercise area

A new storage room in the cafeteria frees up space in the Vista Room for an employee exercise area. In the past few weeks, the cafeteria has constructed a new storage room. This room will be used to store food sold in the Outtakes area in the cafeteria. The items were previously stored in the Vista Room located to the right of the Chartwells’ Dining Office. The room is also host to some offices.

“The new storage room is closer and more convenient for the workers who restock [Outtakes],” said Teresa Hall, Chartwells marketing director.

With the addition of the storage room, space will be opened up in the old storage area. Dining services plans to designate space in the Vista Room for exercise bikes and other work-out equipment.

“Wellness is important to our company,” said Hall, who also serves as the dietician for Chartwells. “We like to do things that help our employees stay healthy.”

With the addition of the exercise equipment, employees who work long hours in the cafeteria will have a more convenient place to get exercise.

For more information about Chartwells’ Dining Service, stop by their office located in the cafeteria on the RUC first floor, or visit their website, www.dineoncampus.com/ttu.