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Parking garage in the works

A long-rumored parking garage will be built according to Tech’s Master Plan.  

Building the STEM center displaced approximately 286 parking spaces and greening of the Capitol Quad courtyard will remove 142 additional spaces, according to the master plan used by the Facilities and Business Services.  

To compensate for the lost spaces, the garage is projected to be three-stories tall and will provide approximately 720 parking spaces. It will also have the potential to be expanded to the north and west and add an additional floor, allowing nearly 1,100 parking spots, according to the master plan.

“It will probably be open parking with permit,” Jack Butler associate vice president of Facilities and Business Services, said.

“I think this is an awesome idea,” Danielle Hennig, junior nursing student, said.  “It will be very good for Tech to have more parking on campus for commuters and students living on campus. I think this will also help with the reduction of class tardiness and, in some cases, absences because of not finding a parking spot. I wish they had started the plans 10 years ago, so we could benefit from it now.”

The garage is planned to be built between the STEM center and the Upper Cumberland Regional Health Facility.

Though still in the preliminary stage, the garage is expected to cost Tech $20,000 per space.

According to Butler, the temporary gravel lot across the street from the Bryan Fine Arts Building was replaced with a permanent lot recently acquired at Prescott Middle School.  This new lot is planned to be expanded to allow 500 to 650 additional spaces, replacing the new rugby field.

“Paving over a great, open field that is already in use by a club sport for a parking lot, that is still a several minute walk to the nearest academic building, doesn’t seem to make much sense,” Rugby Captain, Brooks Robinson said.  “And I know I speak for more than just myself when I say I would much rather see my tuition money go toward the maintenance of this recreational area than to a parking lot that would cover more perfect field space.”

According to Butler, another new parking area will be built next to the Athletics’ Performance Center, adding 100-128 spaces.  This lot is in the design stage and is expected to be available sometime in the 2012 spring semester.