Casa Mexicana offers good food, friendly service

I checked out Casa Mexicana this week and I’m happy to say I have a new favorite to add to my list of Cookeville restaurants.

The atmosphere of the place is vibrant with yellowish-gold walls and paintings of Mexican life. Each of the tables and chairs throughout the restaurant look hand-painted, with different designs on each. The place isn’t too big, but just about average in size; so it’s nice if you’re a place not too crowded.

Another plus, besides the catchy Latin background music, is the restaurant’s excellent service.

Unlike other places I’ve been, the servers here are not overbearing or trying to hassle you about food choice.

The servers give you all the time needed, but they are also very helpful so you can make the best choice. One nice part of the menu is the Mexican descriptions section, which acts as a make-shift glossary for customers making their choice.

I ordered the carne azada my first time at the restaurant.

The carne azada is served hot with sides of lettuce, rice, guacamole and beans that go in tortillas, along with many slices of juicy steak cooked to perfection.

I sampled other dishes like the pollo loco, consisting of grilled chicken with seasoning, and the mixed chicken and steak fajita quesadilla. I recommend the fajita quesadilla if you want a bit of everything, but if you want only one meat chose the loco.

If you’re interested in healthier alternatives, try the mushroom/spinach quesadilla. Food photographer, Jillian Boreing said the spinach quesadilla was “legit, and a very tasty vegetarian option.”

Other veggie friendly options are offered on the menu or you can ask your server for something more specific.

The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner, with different food specials each day and drink specials that stay the same all week.

I was sold the generous 2 for 1 margarita special.

Each of the meals at the restaurant left me full and content when I finished and I paid around $12 for my meal, drink included.

Most meals generally cost less than $10, but make sure you remember to show your Tech ID for the student discount.

Definitely try Casa Mexicana for a food experience that’s different than some of the others around Cookeville.

The restaurant is on North Willow Avenue next to Dominos, just a short walk or drive from campus.