Letters to Editor

Letter to the Editor

I would like to address a problem on Tech’s campus that seems to grow each year. I think there is too much parking on campus and the University should make efforts to remove the unsightly parking lots as soon as possible.

Instead of continuing to have concrete eye-sores in the heart of the campus, I would like the University move the bulk of the parking to the edges of the campus. As I read in The Oracle, plans are in motion to do so with the area surrounding the recently purchased Prescott Middle School building. That is not enough.

The University needs to demolish the commuter lot post haste and get those spaces moved somewhere on the edge of campus. I do not think we should outright eliminate parking spaces; they just need to be moved away from the heart of the grounds. With the parking lots as they are, Tech looks like nothing more than a glorified technical school.

I for one would like to see more green areas on campus with more parks and recreational areas. Our grounds crew does an excellent job with the space they have and I would love to see what they could do with a nice large park space, which promotes learning and pride in Tech.

Even if the financial means to move the parking lot are not available, the University could promote responsible and legal street parking on the roads surrounding Tech.

In conclusion, Tech administration, please make all possible efforts to get this ugly parking lot out of the heart of Tech. Let’s make Tech a beautiful campus that can give the other universities in the state a run for their money.