SGA bill calls for nutritional information postings

SGA passed a bill requiring all on-campus eateries to provide nutritional information to students upon request starting Jan. 24.

The bill, entitled the Nutrition Act of 2011, will require at least one sign to be posted in the Perch and Swoops Food Court stating that nutritional information is available. While there will be no drastic physical change in these locations due to this bill, there will be a reminder to students that facts about food are available.

“We are college students now,” SGA President Lee Gatts said. “We aren’t little kids anymore who rely on our parents to let us know what we are eating. It’s important that if students really care about themselves they should be able to know what they are eating if they want to. I think it’s a great idea.”

While the bill still has to be approved by Food Services, and may be revised, Gatts said he feels that it has good motives.

“I think that everyone thinks it’s a great idea,” Gatts said. “Now, it’s just will Food Services comply to do more for the students, and I think they should.”

Seth Bradley, junior civil engineering major, said, “I think that it would be truly beneficial to the students here at Tech to know the nutritional value of the food that we are eating. I want to know what’s in my food.”