Bases Loaded: Super Bowl Reactions Bases Loaded: Super Bowl Reactions Bases Loaded: Super Bowl Re

Last Sunday, the world watched as the Giants and Patriots came down to the wire in Super Bowl XLVI.

Tom Brady didn’t have a great game; we saw a miraculous catch by a Giants receiver, a Giants touchdown in the closing minutes, and a Patriots Hail Mary play that fell incomplete. In a way, it was a very similar ending to Super Bowl XLII.

But the aftermath couldn’t be more different.

Four years ago, everyone in the media was discussing the fascinating David vs. Goliath victory for the Giants. This year, there has been quite a bit of negativity.

For starters, let’s look at Eli Manning. The guy is coming off his second Super Bowl MVP performance in four years, yet he can’t sit down for an interview without being asked about his brother’s condition.

As Super Bowl MVP, you are supposed to be seen holding the Lombardi Trophy, driving off in your brand new car and going to Disney World. Eli has done these things but nobody has noticed because everyone wants to know if Peyton will play next season. It seems Eli can’t make his way out from underneath his older brother’s umbrella even after an MVP.

Looking at other quarterbacks on the field, you have to feel a little sorry for Tom Brady—which is something not often said about a good looking millionaire married to a supermodel.

This guy only threw one interception but saw catchable balls go through his receivers’ hands, including a drop by the usually sure-handed Wes Welker that may have cost them the game.

The poor guy should have been left in peace to mope, but technology rears its ugly head again as someone catches his supermodel wife blasting the Patriots’ receiving core on camera.

Maybe he wouldn’t have had this problem if Rob Gronkowski had been completely. The second-year tight end, who had 1,327 yards and 17 touchdowns this year, was limited to two catches with a high ankle sprain that limited his mobility.

Except on the dance floor.

Gronkowski was seen after the game dancing with his shirt off in an Indianapolis club, much to the chagrin of many Patriot fans and former players.

Those are just the examples of the negativity surrounding those directly involved in the actual game.

There’s always the critique of the halftime show. Though not as bad as last year musically, a controversial gesture by M.I.A. had Super Bowl officials apologizing for the first time since the infamous wardrobe malfunction.

Commercial reviews are even coming up negative.

Whatever happened to the days when heroes were immortalized on the big stage?

Super Bowl winners and MVPs were considered godlike. Losers had to answer tough questions about the game, but not about their family members or post-game activities.

This Super Bowl should go down as a great game for both teams.

Yes, the Patriots lost, but to be in the Super Bowl with the defense they have is something to be proud of.

Yes, Tom Brady lost his second Super Bowl, but the fact that he has been to five, ties him with John Elway for most appearances.

As for the Giants, two titles in four years is something any team would beg for.

As for Eli, yes he may have to see and hear hours upon hours of Peyton coverage, but for once in his life he has something that Peyton does not: two rings.