Be fair to Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a fascinating figure in American politics.

This claim was made in an article by Jonathan Frank in last week’s edition of The Oracle.

While the claim itself is true, the article did not quite give Mr. Paul a fair analysis at all.

This article was extremely biased; that being said, I am fairly biased also. Why? Because I’ve actually bothered to do my research on Mr. Paul and have drawn completely different conclusions about him.

Despite being 76 years old, Paul has amassed a large following among college campuses. This is the same group who shunned McCain (who is actually a year younger) in 2008 for being too old and out of touch.

What makes the difference between the two? The fact he is not a run-of-the-mill politician—he refuses to be bought out by corporations and truly believes what he stands for.

As was pointed out in the previous article, Paul has an extremely low success rate for proposed legislation and often votes differently on issues than virtually every other Congress member.

This is because he votes for what he believes is right for the country, not what is right for big business or his chances of getting reelected. He is the only candidate whose stances on major issues do not change to whatever will get him elected-he’s been consistent since day one.

Unfortunately, I’m limited to 300 words to bring you today. But I do ask you to do your own research into the presidential candidates.

I’d prefer you to be informed and completely disagree with me on Ron Paul, rather than just take what you read from one or two individuals and move on. As we saw last week, sometimes biases can get in the way of the true story.