‘Faux pas’ too picky

Now, I don’t have the best fashion sense out of the majority of girls here on campus, but I have a bone to pick with a few of the “faux pas” in the fashion article in last Friday’s edition of The Oracle.

While I agree that Uggs and short shorts aren’t the best idea and salmon colored skinny jeans might not always be the most flattering thing, why are we not allowed to put our hair in pig tails?

Maybe certain girls rock pigtails, or maybe they just want to feel young again. Who is to judge their hair? It’s their own hair; they can style it how they want.

And female khaki pants? I’m not even sure what’s wrong with khaki, not to mention brand labeled clothing. I can understand not wearing tank tops in winter, but she also put no leggings under shorts/skirts, which is often worn because it’s cold outside because it’s winter!

But I could look past all of these “faux pas” if it wasn’t for number five on the list, wearing purple and gold.

Seriously?! Our school’s colors are purple and gold! Why was this advice put in the school newspaper to be distributed to students who should be told to support the school not that the school colors are a fashion mistake?

Plus, when did those two colors become uncomplimentary? Someone forgot to give that memo to LSU, the Minnesota Vikings and all other sports teams that use those two colors.

Also, in the article she mentioned color blocking, “two very bold colored pieces, giving the illusion that the colors block each other off.” Wouldn’t wearing purple and gold be considered her definition of color blocking?