Restauraunt Review: Christy’s Bakery

Christy’s Bakery was this week’s restaurant contender, but instead of storming the castle while all her units were ready to for battle I decided to try out her baked goods at dawn!

Alright, not necessarily at dawn, but I did arrive at Christy’s right as the doors opened at 7 a.m. and I had never tried their breakfast. I entered cautiously because the place seemed slightly deserted this early in the morning and was seated quickly.

For a good 30 minutes or more, I was the only person eating which was nice. However, I was surprised no one was coming in to eat since the prices were very fair. Also, I loved their radio preset of oldies music. A week before this I came with a friend on a Thursday night and loved the music so much that I started to sing out loud, only to realize I was disrupting the live performers program. He was very good and comes every Thursday and Friday for dinner.

So this morning, I ordered the French toast plate with scrambled eggs, two orders of hash brown and a cup of coffee with unlimited refills which totaled $6. I can’t complain since my food came out well cooked and surprisingly quick. My French toast love still goes out to Grandpa’s Pancake House because it was tastier, but the toast at Christy’s was alright.

The rest of the menu seemed pretty basic, just switching the main item on the dishes.

The food sections range from biscuits, omelets, plates and Christy’s breakfast special.

They do not have Tech discount, but if you have a smart card those will take off 10% off your meal.

All the meals are under $10 and even though breakfast ends at 11 a.m. you can still order any time morning, noon or night.

Check out Christy’s Bakery this weekend for a food special in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

From Friday, Feb. 10 to Tuesday, Feb. 14th, a dish of herb crusted porkloin, a choice of 3 side items, a dessert and a beverage will be $12.99 per person.