Tuition Runs Out Day to highlight University operating costs

The Office of Annual and Special Programs is hosting the second annual Tuition Runs Out Day, with help from SGA, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 20 on South Patio.

“Tennessee Tech is a Tennessee Board of Regents school, by that we are partially state funded,” SGA President Lee Gatts said. “We are about 40 percent state funded, to be exact, and the rest of our money comes from tuition.”

Tuition Runs Out Day is an event to educate students, faculty, staff and community members about the cost of running the University and why donations are so important. Without alumni donations, the University would be forced to shut down in March each year due to depleted funds.

Lee said there will be organizations set up and activities being held to get people involved.

Tech’s average running cost is around $4.60 per second. At this rate, it costs Tech $16,560 per hour to stay in operation.

“So Tuition Runs Out Day represents our alumni who make their contributions. Even if it’s just a dollar, they are still helping us keep our doors open here at Tech.”