Letters to Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support our athletes

I am making an appeal to the Tech students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Next Saturday evening, Feb. 25, our basketball teams face off against the Murray State Racers in what is building up to be one of the most anticipated double headers in the history of the Hooper Eblen Center.

 For those unaware, the Murray State men’s basketball team is ranked in the top 15 nationally and only recently ended its reign as the lone undefeated in Division I. Ticket sales for this double header have significantly outpaced the previous games for both teams this season. Unfortunately, many of those tickets are going to the obnoxious, uncouth rabble that supports the Racers.

We, as a university, cannot permit their boorish hoard to claim a majority of the seating for the games. Instead, we need to rally to our teams and give them the type of support only the vigilant and upstanding members of Tech can bestow. Both of our teams are in the hunt for the post-season and we need to stand with them.

Students, I know the game is on a Saturday and a lot of you want to go home. However, I beseech you to stay and help your student-athlete colleagues. This double header promises to be a unique experience and one you should not miss.

If you choose to your rightful duty and attend, you need to get your tickets now. The box office is starting to run low on free students tickets, so get yours as soon as possible. To get your student ticket, take your Eagle Card to the box office in the lobby of the Hoop.

The women tipoff at 5:30 p.m. and the men’s game will follow after the conclusion of the women’s game. I hope to see you there donned in purple and gold.