New Hooligan’s Half/Irish Pub’s food, atmosphere fails to impress

Hooligan’s Half/Irish Pub comes off as a friendly spot to have a drink, eat a meal and meet with friends.

The 21-and-up-only pub opened about three weeks ago and keeps bringing people back with its parking lot full almost every night, especially weekends.

Hooligan’s is more along the lines of a sports bar rather than a traditional Irish Pub.

It has an open table seating policy, if you can find a place to sit. It may be easier to find a seat on a week night than on the weekends.

It didn’t take long to decide what to order, but I believe my table was forgotten for a while. I’m not sure if it was due to the large crowd and unorganized mess of tables, or if the abundance of tall tables overwhelmed the short tables, like mine.

I came to Hooligan’s with a friend who has traveled abroad to Ireland and I have been to Scotland, we both decided to order the Fish and Chips from the pub’s entrée menu for reminiscing. We knew the food wouldn’t come close to our abroad experiences, but being a fish lover, I thought its fish would have more taste to it.

Besides the fried part of the fish, the rest wasn’t worth the attempt to eat it or the money it cost. The small cup of coleslaw and the tartar sauce both tasted the same. The chicken tenders, however, are a good choice.

On the beer menu, try the green-labeled drinks, which are the imported Irish beers. I ordered the Harp Lager and believe there were only three choices.

Other entertainment at Hooligan’s, besides the basketball on the TVs, includes dart throwing, picking music to play on the jukebox and socializing with fellow patrons.

Hooligan’s isn’t that cheap, the music is played almost too loud, and isn’t the place for someone who hates being around cigarette smoke. It may be best to visit during lunch.