Chris Brown still getting away with too much

If you watched the Grammy Awards broadcast earlier this month, then you saw—among the weird techno-number with Deadmau5 in the mouse ears, a trippy Nicki Minaj performance, and Adele cashing in on her exes and putting everyone else to shame—not one, but two songs featuring singer Chris Brown.

You may remember that Brown faced assault charges in 2009 after an altercation with then girlfriend Rihanna.

The police report detailed contusions on Rihanna’s face, arms and legs, blood covering her clothes and the interior of the vehicle, and stated that Brown had also threatened to kill her.

According to MTV, Brown apologized to Rihanna nine days later via text message. What a gentleman.

In March 2011, Brown, in another display of reckless violence, threw a chair through a window of the Good Morning America studios following an interview that did not go his way.

An unrepentant Brown then tweeted, as he stormed out of the studio, “I’m so over people bringing this past [expletive] up!”

Now Brown is not only gracing the Grammy stage, but is also pairing up with Rihanna for remixes of her song, “Birthday Cake,” and his song “Turn up the Music.”

Additionally, Us Weekly magazine reported that Rihanna and Brown, who were forcibly separated by a court order until February 2011, are spending time together again.

I’m all for second chances and forgiveness, but I also believe in common sense.

Chris Brown is a talented entertainer. He also beat up a young lady, and never once humbled himself to accept full responsibility for his choices, or accept ownership of his problem.

Of all crimes, domestic violence has the highest rate of recidivism, and Brown’s arrogant refusal to work towards changing his pattern of violent behavior makes him even more likely to offend again.

The Grammys’ willingness to celebrate Chris Brown sends all of the wrong messages to young viewers at home, and to their families who seek to instill in them an understanding of why behavior like Brown’s is never acceptable.

Additionally, Rihanna’s decision to allow Brown back into her life shows a heartbreaking lack of self-respect and is only an invitation for further destruction and hurt.

If nothing else, I hope that this scenario will provide a teachable moment for those of us who are watching the story unfold.

You can forgive the wrongs of another without allowing them an opportunity to hurt you again, or abandoning regard for your own safety.

At the risk of being trite or sounding like a public service announcement, I sincerely hope that if you or anyone you know has been a victim of domestic violence, you will have the good sense this young lady sadly lacks, and will take the steps necessary to protect yourself and stay away from whose who would do you harm. Trust that you are worth more and deserve better.

As for me, I’ll opt to ignore the suggestion of Chris Brown’s latest track title and turn down the music when his songs play.