Custodians deserve our gratitude

Just recently, my parents received a save-the-date for a banquet in honor of Dr. Bell. Yay.

I believe instead of doing something for Dr. Bell it is time to do something for the people who clean up after us, set things up for us and generally make sure we all are having a good day.

Our Custodians deserve better than a pat on the back, final pay check and a sarcastic goodbye.

They have given us their best, so why can’t we? It is inevitable that they will have to leave, but that doesn’t mean we can’t say thank you. We should honor them even more.

I put it to the students, faculty and staff: We all should do something in honor of these men and women who do just about everything we ask them to do.

I suggest we plan a banquet of some kind for them. They deserve it just as much as Dr. Bell, most of them have been here twice as long as him. We need to do this.

May 1, they are being booted out; we need to do something to honor them before they go.

Post it on Facebook, Twitter and anything else. We need to show these men and women we care and we appreciate all that they have done. Talk to SGA, maybe instead of a SOLO concert, we celebrate the people most of us will always remember.

I will always remember how on a bad day, I would look up and see a smiling face. The Custodians have become the grandpas, grandmas, aunts and uncles who look in on us, making sure we are doing ok.

I will start only by saying “thank you,” knowing it will never be enough. We are going to miss all of you, more than we know.