Fashion Forward, Escape the muffin-top: Buy jeans that fit, flatter your body shape

Do you suffer from a muffin-top or jeans that don’t curve with the shape of your body? Try buying jeans that flatter your personal body type.

There are so many different body shapes that the idea that one style of jeans will be right for everyone is unrealistic. One significant milestone reached by college students is the realization that they are no longer junior’s; therefore, they should no longer shop in the junior’s section in stores. The most important thing is to figure out what your body shape is, make your peace with it and dress accordingly.

One of the most important rules when choosing a pair of jeans is to avoid the dreaded muffin-top. Believe it or not, this downfall is avoidable, regardless of your shape and size.

Choosing the right size jeans will determine if you have that extra flab hanging out over your jeans or not.

Remember, when all else fails, buy a larger size and wear a belt. Figuring out what body shape you have is a simple task, however, these categories are not exclusive in the fact that you might very well fit into more than one.

Nevertheless, gaining a general idea of your shape is very helpful.

The Apple.

Those with apple-shaped bodies have broad shoulders compared to their hips. They also tend to have slim thighs and a fuller chest. Jeans that create a waist and are not too tight are important for this body shape. High waisted trouser jeans would be perfect for the apple-shaped body. These jeans create the illusion of a dramatic waist line and fit thighs comfortably preventing the “topple-over” look apple figures face.

The Rectangle.

Women with rectangularly-shaped bodies tend to gain weight equally over their bodies. Because of this equal weight distribution, their bodies are straight with little curvature. Similar to the apple, rectangular-shaped women should look for jeans that create the illusion of a waist. Fortunately, for the rectangle shape’s lack of weight in the lower portion of their body, they can choose light or dark wash jeans.

The Pear.

The pear-shaped body gains weight predominantly in the lower portion of their body, making it exactly the opposite shape of the apple shape. Pear shapes should choose jeans with a darker wash to draw attention away from the largest portion of their body. Curvy jeans with a slight stretch for comfort are ideal for the pear body.

The Hourglass.

Women with the hourglass body shape have significantly smaller waists than their bust or hips. The curvier a person is, the more they need jeans that have a higher waist line. Hourglass shapes also benefit from a contoured waist line and jeans with a slightly flared or booth cut to balance out their hips.