Restaurant Review: Pueblo Viejo

Welcome to Club Viejo!

It may not be the clubbing hot-spot anymore, but the Pueblo Viejo Mexican Restaurant and Banquet Hall is located where Club Jet and the Cookeville Expo used to be on 12th Street, towards Algood.

As I parked outside this huge white restaurant, I couldn’t help but think how much this place has changed over the last decade, from a skating rink, to various clubs and now a Mexican restaurant.

On entering, you’ll notice a finely decorated lobby before you.

Just beyond is the main part of the restaurant, with many tables, but not many people dining.

I ordered the huarache with chicken my first time trying here.

It was a long corn tortilla with grilled onions, jalapeno, and hot sauce that I could add on the side.

The chicken wasn’t over cooked and the onions were made just right making me one happy customer after I finish this meal.

Although the experience inside the place was cozy, I still couldn’t help but think I was eating inside a festively decorated warehouse.

The food at this joint was super good both times and the only turn off was price.

When quality and quantity are both important aspects of a place it’s not too surprising that you’ll be paying for it.

If interested, check out the restaurant’s website for coupons, specials and more.

The site also tells about upcoming events in the restaurant’s banquet hall.

I’m surprised there weren’t a lot of people at this place because the food is worth it, whether or not you have coupons.