New Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club offers career-building opportunities to members

After working for months on the paperwork and meetings, the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club is an official organization at Tech.

Since last summer, Andy Ligon, a senior pre-veterinary medicine and animal science major, has worked on developing plans for the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club, with the help of Timothy Pearson, a junior pre-veterinary medicine major.

“I wanted to have someone to talk to about vet school,” Ligon said. “I had to learn everything about applying to vet school on my own; but with the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club, students would have sources to learn everything there is to know.”

The club will offer its members opportunities to become engaged in the veterinary sciences.

This organization plans to conduct exercises like mock interviews, résumé building exercises, campus visits, veterinary clinic tours, guest speakers and road trips. Ligon said all of these activities will help students in the process of applying to veterinary school.

However, this club is not limited to just pre-veterinary science majors.

It is open to anyone who has a love for animals, agriculture and the applied sciences.

The club’s first meeting was held during dead hour yesterday.

Topics on the agenda for the meeting included member dues, officers for this semester, community service ideas, goals for the organization and approval of the bylaws.

Also the organization will be developing an official charter membership for every member to sign.

Currently, more than 50 students have shown interest in the organization.