President Bell among lowest paid TBR university presidents

President Bob Bell retires with two things, the recognition and accomplishments he acquired with the campus and one of the smallest salaries in the Tennessee Board of Regents system.

Bell, for the last few years, has earned a lesser salary than the other five TBR universities: Middle Tennessee State University, University of Memphis, Tennessee State University, East Tennessee State University and Austin Peay State University. The TBR dictates spending, including payroll.

According to the TBR 2011-2012 report, Bell makes a salary of approximately $247,000, the second to lowest salary within the system.

“Tech has a lower salary because they are a smaller university,” Beau Johnson, University of Tennessee at Knoxville alumni, said, “For example, UT has a bigger university with more students. That’s why they have a bigger salary.”

Within the TBR, U of M President Shirley Raines makes the highest amount of about $306,000. Following after would be ETSU President Paul Stanton with about $276,000. MTSU President Sidney McPhee earns approximately $272,000.

The only TBR university that pays a lesser salary than President Bell’s is Austin Peay’s President Timothy Hall, who makes approximately $221,000.

TSU’s presdent’s salary was not listed on TBR’s salaries website and TBR didn’t respond to a request for this information.