Letters to Editor

Letter to the Editor: In the defense of Christianity

Letter to the Editor:

At first the preachers on South Patio were really offensive to me. Not even to me personally, but whenever I, as a Christian, try to reach out to others or even mention my faith, I am terrified that other students might believe that what they were actually saying had anything to do with the true message of Christianity.
Luckily, as I watched, many other Christians stood up to defend ourselves from that “preacher” who claimed to be sinless (I think there may have even been a warning in the Bible about people like him), but even many of my non-Christian friends realized the speakers were completely perverting the message of Christ.
But for anyone who was offended by the speeches, I want to truly apologize and say that God really does care about you and truly doesn’t enjoy sending college students to hell. Some people simply abuse the right of Free Will.