ITS looks to provide more secure computer network

A monitoring system is in the process of being implemented in an effort to better secure Tech’s computer network.
The Bradford Networks’ Sentry system will allow all Tech students to use Wi-Fi securely and block anybody who is not a registered student.
“For the students the system is fairly simple,” Jerry Boyd, information technology services staff, said. “All you will need to do is a one-time registration of your device with the system. The device in which you registered’s address will be stored into the database, and you will be able to use Wi-Fi without having to register again.”
Boyd said that students will have to download an agent onto their device, which will scan the system to make sure all the requirements needed to connect to the network have been met.
“Students who have devices that do not meet the requirements will be directed to a page that will allow them to download the certain criteria needed to successfully connect to the network,” Boyd said.
Students will have to register their computers, phones, iPads, iPods and any other devices they may want to use in order to access Tech’s Wi-Fi.  
This system is used to protect the students and Tech from possible malicious activity.
It shows the device that was used to access the network, who the device is registered to and the activity that came from the device.
ITS will be able to monitor any activity that has malicious intent and will be able to pinpoint where the activity is coming from and decide what steps to take next.
“We want to make sure our campus is secured, so we need to lock down our technology,” Annette Littrell, manager of academic and client technologies, said. “We also want to make sure that it is being used by those who are paying for the benefit of it.”
Boyd said, “Anyone who is not a registered student will have to be an authorized guest to gain access to the network. As an authorized guest you will be given a temporary account, and you will have to register into the system like everyone else.”
The system is being reviewed by the Bradford Network to make sure everything will work properly when it is put into use.
The ITS department is hoping to have the system implemented by Nov. 1.