Humans vs Zombies enters second campaign

“Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag that started at Goucher [College] in 2005,” Morgan Elmore, sophomore and one of the moderators of the game, said.  “They wanted to take the concept from games like ‘Left for Dead’ and movies like ’28 Days Later’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ and they wanted to put it in as much of a real-world setting as they possibly could.”
The game is played by players acting as humans or zombies battling each other with Nerf guns or balled up socks. There is one original zombie, and the numbers of the infected rise as that zombie tags other humans and turns them into zombies.
“The zombies have to effectively eat all the humans and turn them into zombies, or the humans have to survive and fend off the zombies until the zombies die out,” Elmore said.
The second campaign has been updated with new methods and rules to make the game easier for moderators, or members who make sure players adhere to the game’s rules.
“We made it easier on the game moderators by implementing new methods so that we don’t have to keep up with everything, just have the players keep doing what they’re doing,” Nina
Chanthavongsa, junior and moderator, said. “With these new methods, we’ll be able to watch over the players and not have to worry so much about taking care of them.”
The game costs $5 to play. More information is available at the Tech Humans vs. Zombies Facebook page and humansvszombies.org.