Swift has the world seeing ‘Red’

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated new album dropped last Monday and is already No. 1 on the iTunes top album list.
Of course, we all saw this coming. With her previously released catchy single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” the album was sure to be a hit.
“Red” is definitely a pop album, so all of those expecting a country sensation should probably look elsewhere. Most of the songs are upbeat with electric guitars and drum tracks, such as “22,” which is sure to become an anthem for ladies’ nights all over.
“I Knew You Were Trouble” even drops the bass with some pseudo-dubstep.
Swift does remain true to her roots with a few slower, country-feeling songs such as “All Too Well” and “I Almost Do.” Also featured on her album are collaborations with Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol and British singer/songwriter, and personal favorite of mine, Ed Sheeran.
Some of the songs fall flat. “Starlight” tells a story about falling in love during the summer of 1945. It’s upbeat and follows Swift’s “Love Story” formula, but it’s cheesy and not her best work.
Overall, it seems that Swift’s songwriting on her more emotional songs has drastically improved from years past, and the new album offers much variety in style. While I’ve never been much of a T-Swizzle fan in the past, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to shamelessly listen to “Red.”
The general consensus of her fans is this is her best album yet and certainly worth a listen this fall.