SGA looks to rollover student printing quota allowances

A new act proposing any left over money from the printing allowance each semester will roll over to the next semester’s allowance passed the SGA Senate Nov. 6.
The $25 printing allowance comes from student’s tuition and fees. If this money is not used by the end of the semester, it disappears. Students start over with $25 for the next semester, even if they have not used all the allocated money from the previous semester.
Lacy Robbins, freshman senate representative, submitted the Rollover Printing Allocations Act of 2012 with James Leverette, graduate studies senate representative, as the sponsor.
“I’m just trying to make sure the money that we have is used wisely,” Leverette said.
Robbins said she understood limitations need to be set to pay for students printing on campus, but the system needs to be fair for all students.
“To give someone $25 to use for printing and then to arbitrarily take it away at the end of the semester is just unfair to us, the students, who already pay thousands of dollars in tuition fees each semester,” Robbins said.