We still want answers regarding the attacks in Benghazi

One week after the election, we find ourselves dangling from a “fiscal cliff.”
But wait a minute. I remember Obama telling us during the election that our economy was on the up and up. Are you telling me that our president lied to us?  News flash: he has never told the truth!  

Does anyone remember “Obama Phone”? Many Americans on government assistance qualified for a free cell phone, thanks to our generous president who takes the tax dollars of hardworking Americans to pay for cell phones for those Americans who choose not to work.  It was recently announced, conveniently a week after the election, they will not be getting their “Obama phone” any longer. That is not all. Many Americans are also going to find their food stamp benefits cut by nearly $50.  

However, I fear the most outrageous lie of them all is the Benghazi cover-up!   Four Star Gen. David Petraeus announced he would be leaving his position as CIA Director because of an affair he had been involved in that started in 2011. The media has gone wild with this sex scandal and has nearly forgotten about the four Americans who died in Benghazi.  This is exactly what the current administration wants: distract and delay. There can only be two explanations why the administration did not know of the affair before President Obama placed him as CIA Director.  

The first explanation would be that, in fact, they did not know.  If this is the case, I am deeply concerned for the safety of all Americans because of the incompetence of the CIA and FBI.  All high-ranking officials go through a vetting process, or background check, before they are placed in these high positions.  It seems strange to me that they would not have known of emails that were exchanged between Petraeus and his mistress, considering email is very easily hacked and investigated!  

The second, most likely explanation is Obama knew of the affair before he placed him as CIA Director and used it to manipulate Petraeus. After all, once you have the goods on someone, you can use it to your advantage. There is no possible way this affair could have slipped through the vetting process. Obama knew!

The media has fallen right in the trap Obama has made. They are no longer interested in why we left four Americans to die in Benghazi. They are only concerned with what sex position Petraeus  had his mistress in and where the sex occurred! We are being distracted by this, and it is delaying the investigation until eventually we are tired of hearing about it and it is swept under the rug.

The whole thing is about Benghazi. I want answers to why we would leave four Americans to die and not even attempt to send anyone in to save them.  We fought for nearly eighteen hours during Black Hawk Down to recover two dead bodies, but we left our Ambassador and Navy SEALS to fend for themselves while they were alive, crying out for help?

This is not what America does!

This administration must be held accountable for their actions.  I am not going to be duped into believing their lies, and neither should you. We should demand answers, and I am not referring to answers about where Petraeus and his mistress did the deed!

America, it is time to wake up!

Do not let the liars in the ring of Obama’s deceit manipulate you as they did Petraeus.We must hold them accountable.