“Campus Compass” Leads Students Forward

Tech is in the process of renovating the RUC by remodeling the information desk into an area called “Campus Compass”. Campus Compass will be a place that students can go to receive assistance on a variety of topics, academic or non-academic. The major goal of Campus Compass is to solve students’ problems, no matter what they may be. This includes helping students find classes and buying tickets for campus events.

“We’re not trying to have students lean on us all the time,” said Matt Nisbet, advisor of Campus Compass. “We also want to teach them where things are that way they can relay that information to their friends.”

Campus Compass is also going to take on a complete new look after renovations, which are being made over the holidays. Some ideas for renovations include a heightened ceiling and a rounded desk to make the area feel more open and friendly to students.

 “The mounted eagle above is going to be relocated to add even more open space, and we are lowering the front desk so it is ADA compliant for people with disabilities,” said Nisbet.

Campus Compass is also in the process of creating an online program with advisors and staff that will also be able to help students. This online program will be a huge asset to students, although a time for completion has not been set.

“I love the idea of Tech trying to improve on helping out students,” said sophomore Jake Minga. “I wish I would have had something like Campus Compass when I was a freshman.”   

For more information on the development of Campus Compass, visit the information desk in the RUC.