Quidditch competes at high level

The Tennessee Tech quidditch club team was eliminated during the second round of competition and finished 26th out of the 80 teams that competed at the Quidditch World Cup on Monday.

On the first day of competition, the Golden Hippogriffs went 3-1, allowing them to move on to single elimination bracket play. After winning their first game in the single elimination part of the tournament, Tech narrowly lost to the University of Michigan, 120 – 180.

“We felt really good about we played,” said Andrea Brys, a beater for Tech. “Our last game was lost by a snitch grab, but we did really well. To give you an idea of how dedicated the team was, one of the players actually lost half of his tooth during a game and kept playing. We were bummed at how the game ended, but we feel good about the tournament as a whole.”

The team grabbed wins over Arizona State University, Toledo University, and Harvard University.

“We did extremely well against high caliber teams,” said Kellie Davis, a chaser and captain for Tech. “In our two losses, we kept in snitch range, which means we could’ve tied and forced overtime with a snitch grab. We were predicted to place fourth but finished second.”

Davis said she’s proud of how much the team has accomplished in the short time they have been together.

The Tech quidditch club team has been competing together for three years. They placed first at the 2013 U.S.A. Fall Break Tournament and first at the Tenn-Tucky Cup in 2013. They placed 32nd at last year’s World Cup.