Month: November 2014


Charles Manson: Married Man?

Charles Manson and his 26-year-old lover have a marriage certificate to be wed later this month. Manson gained notoriety for leading a cult, known as the Manson Family, to carry out several murders in the late 60s. Now he and Afton Burton, who goes by Star, and can legally marry […]


Photoshop & Selfies

Hey, millennials, let's collectively throw away everything we’ve ever heard and seen in the media. Oh, wait, we were raised on it. Social media is in our bloodstream, privacy is out the window, our expectations just reached Mount Everest and suddenly none of us are as good as the figure […]


Stand up for She

Growing up, she dreamed of first dates, hand holding and falling in love with a man who knew what he wanted — a man who saw her as a material object, his trophy and, most of all, his piece of meat. Oh wait. That’s not what she wanted. Why do […]


Music department purchases Steinway pianos with anonymous donation

KEYS TO FUTURE- Michah Hughett practices on one of the new Steinway pianos in a Bryan Fine Arts practice room Thursday. The purchase of the pianos is part of the department’s goal of being an all Steinway campus. Recently, Tennessee Tech’s music department was able to purchase 25 Upright Boston Steinway pianos […]


Conti awarded for outstanding leadership

Earlier this year, an idea for an award was conceived by Sports Information Director Rob Schabert to recognize deserving student athletes for their intangible abilities to lead their teams on and off the court. The name for this award would become the Unsung Leader Award. In March, nationally renowned speaker […]


Bill for $1 SGA student fee tabled until Dec. 2 meeting

The Student Government Association has proposed a bill that would install a $1 increase per student fee, per semester. The proposed bill, known as “The SGA Operating Act of 2014,” would use the increase in student fees to fund an operating budget for the SGA, separate from other University funds. […]


Two business majors arrested on public intoxication charges

Tinch Tennessee Tech students Ian Bland and Caleb Lee Tinch were arrested shortly before 3 a.m. Nov. 11. Both students were visibly intoxicated when Officer Chris Melton arrived on the scene. According to the report, Bland attempted to flee the scene after crashing his car into a brick retaining wall […]


Crosswalks to be improved

Students use a crosswalk at the intersection of Dixie and William L. Jones Dr. Tennessee Tech pedestrians may see new crosswalks in the near future. The Student Government Association passed “The Pedestrian Crosswalk Improvement and Addition Act of 2014,” a new bill that would improve the condition of current crosswalks […]


Teen taken into custody for carrying gun on campus

On the morning of Nov. 20, police were alerted to a young male reportedly carrying a handgun on Tech’s campus, and police quickly took control of the matter. Around 8:49 a.m., the Tennessee Tech police department got a call from someone who said a student saw a male who appeared […]


Tennessee Tech Kappa Sigma chapter turns 50

It has been 50 years in the making for Kappa Phi Delta, Tech’s first social fraternity. Founded Oct. 17, 1964, Tech recognized KPD as its social fraternity Feb. 23, 1967. KPD was chartered as Kappa Sigma’s and Kappa Mu chapter May 2, 1969, making it Tech’s first national social fraternity. […]