Month: February 2015


Former Tech athlete accused of sending unsolicited explicit Snapchats

While most students were snuggled up in their rooms watching Netflix last week, campus police were continuing their investigation into a former member of Tech’s football practice squad who is accused of sending sexually explicit messages to female students. Randall Elston was kicked off the football team in 2014 as […]


Facilities spreads purple salt on campus walkways

After another 2 inches of snow Wednesday night, Tennessee Tech facilities spread salt across campus to ensure students went to school on time Thursday. The salt spread Thursday was different from the usual white salt cast across campus. This salt was purple. Kevin Tucker, director of grounds roads and walks, […]


Center Stage to host events after Spring Break

Center Stage will be hosting several events the week of March 16 for students to attend. The first event features the Ensemble Creo, who will be performing March 17 at 7:30 p.m. in Wattenbarger Auditorium at the Bryan Fine Arts Building. According to the Center Stage Spring 2015 brochure, the […]


Critical thinking assessment offers rewards for student participation

The Center for Assessment and Improvement of Learning is giving students the opportunity to receive $40 and a free meal for completing the Critical thinking Assessment test. Five sessions are available, each having a 30-person cap. Each session will take three hours and will include two assessments and a free […]


Lack of lighting could lead to rise in assaults

Tennessee Tech is sometimes an extremely insular place for a college campus. Our location, at least an hour away from any major cities, allows many trends and social phenomenon to wash right over us while only affecting a small portion of the student body. Important issues can make their way […]


Preacher stopped by police for preaching on campus

Campus police stopped Tim Pollard Feb. 24 after calls were made reporting he was stopping students on Main Quad and interfering with their ability to make it to class on time. “I was just wanting to witness and talk to people about the Lord,” said Pollard, of Livingston. According to […]


Commencement attire changes for Centennial

Students graduating Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 can expect a change in the usual black commencement attire. As part of the Centennial Celebration, graduates at these two convocation ceremonies will wear purple caps and gowns. “Changing the color of graduation robes to a school color is one of many ways […]


OPA wins first revived All-Sing charity event

A blend of harmonious voices rang through Derryberry Auditorium last night as Tech’s student groups competed in All-Sing, one of Tennessee Tech’s oldest student organization competitions. Phi Delta Theta hosted the event as part of their philanthropy week. Phi Delta Theta brought All-Sing back to Tech not only to entertain […]


Selfie to selfless

Selfies have taken over the world. Every time I turn on my computer there’s another one. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name a social media site (with the exception of professional sites) you will find a selfie. They are so prominent that we are being called the selfie generation. There is […]


Burmeister leads class walkout for equal pay among faculty

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, an English adjunct instructor, Kevin Burmeister, led two of his ENGL 1010 morning classes on a “walkout” protesting low pay wages. For Burmeister, the walkout consisted of him reading his grievances over the issue of adjunct pay. After he finished voicing his opinions, he took his […]