Day: December 4, 2018


Inside the nest: A Golden Eagle on ice

The south rink at Ford Ice Center in Antioch, Tennessee.  Photo by Nick Rogers To residents of Tennessee, the chill of a 25-degree day in November is hostile, unfamiliar and downright cold. I’m not your average Tennessee resident. Anyone who knows me, knows I grew up in the frozen tundra […]


REVIEW: Netflix’s “Haunting of Hill House” refreshes a genre

Netflix’s show “The Haunting of Hill House”offers a new take on the horror TV show formula by weaving a compelling tale of tragic loss, mental health, supernatural encounters, and familial bonds. Premiering on October 12, each episode of the season focuses on a different child of the Crain family as […]


Beard fundraiser collects $2,000

Senior chemical engineering major Isaac Ref with half of his beard shaved. Photo by Logan Staley The Baptist Collegiate Ministry raised around $2000 at its annual beard auction on Nov. 27. The beard auction is where the BCM has students auction off their hair or beards to raise money for […]


Student on the street: Christmas edition

With Christmas rapidly approaching and the large number of international students on campus the question was asked; how do they enjoy the festive period back home? “I celebrate Christmas by going with my church to a hotel and they do breakfast. The hotel is on a beach so Santa comes […]


UPDATE: Oldham regrets Fitzgerald research endorsements

President Phil Oldham Editor's Note: This story appeared online at an earlier time, this version is a longer, more detailed version. President Phil Oldham apologized for his role in the controversial Fitzgerald Glider Kits research and said he regrets signing an endorsement letter sent to Congresswoman Diane Black. “I want […]


Campus initiatives fight homelessness

Students combat homelessness through initiatives including a new on-campus organization.  The newly chartered Scholars United for the Homeless focuses on providing awareness and aid to the local homeless population by working through Cookeville Rescue Mission.  “Scholars United for the Homeless is composed of college students from a variety of backgrounds,” […]


Tech student embarks on cross-country bike ride

Daniel Rikli One Tech student is gearing up for the ride of a lifetime.  Daniel Rikli is a graduate assistant in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, an avid cycler and a member of Bike & Build’s 2019 campaign across the Central United States – starting in Yorktown, Virginia, […]