Campus initiatives fight homelessness

Students combat homelessness through initiatives including a new on-campus organization. 

The newly chartered Scholars United for the Homeless focuses on providing awareness and aid to the local homeless population by working through Cookeville Rescue Mission. 

“Scholars United for the Homeless is composed of college students from a variety of backgrounds,” Adam Nakamoto, founder of the group said. “We collectively realize the importance of not waiting and merely being bystanders while others help the homeless, but doing our best to be a part of the solution.” 

Nakamoto said the organization is taking action by hosting supply drives, volunteering at the Cookeville Rescue Mission and listening to testimonials of people who have utilized the rescue mission’s resources. 

Students showed interest in learning about local homelessness by voting for the topic of this story in a poll posted to The Oracle’s Twitter page. The polls generate student opinion-oriented content, and are posted on Twitter @tntechoracle. Thirty-seven percent of the 43 votes were in favor of the option related to local homelessness. 

The National Coalition for the Homeless indicates that families, single mothers and children make up the largest group of people who are homeless in rural areas, according to the mission’s website.

The website also states it provides a three-day program for single males. It also provides a 30-day program for single males who have found a job and are accumulating enough money to begin supporting themselves, emergency housing for families and a dorm for single women. 

Nakamoto encouraged students to volunteer and help his efforts grow. 

“I envision our student organization eventually spearheading a variety of efforts on campus to aid the homeless in the Cookeville community,” Nakamoto said. 

Nakamoto said students can become involved on campus by emailing abnakamoto42@students.tntech.eduor calling the rescue mission at (931) 528-5819.

“During Christmas break, TTU students can get involved by helping with the Cookeville Rescue Mission’s bell ringing fundraisers, volunteering and donating needed items or money,” Nakamoto said.