REVIEW: Netflix’s “Haunting of Hill House” refreshes a genre

Netflix’s show “The Haunting of Hill House”offers a new take on the horror TV show formula by weaving a compelling tale of tragic loss, mental health, supernatural encounters, and familial bonds.

Premiering on October 12, each episode of the season focuses on a different child of the Crain family as they reflect in present day on when they lived in the haunted Hill House in the early 90s.

In these different episodes, we see how each character of the show experienced Hill House in their own, terrifying unique ways and how the trauma of that time affects them differently in the current day.

Mixing family drama with classic supernatural horror, “The Haunting of Hill House” looks at the toll loss and ghostly harassment can have on a family.

It is this that is so compelling about the story of Hill House in the way the grown up characters are shown dealing with the aftermath of living in a haunted house. 

In a part of TV and movie so saturated with corny jump scares and countless sequels, Hill House comes with a breath of fresh scares in it’s unique, character-driven story telling.

To visit Hill House and all of its glorious childhood, stream “The Haunting of Hill House”.