Opinion: Don’t play Christmas music in November

Holidays and seasons already tend to bleed together, and it doesn’t help that seemingly every store starts blasting Christmas music the day after Halloween. 

Cracker Barrel and Hobby Lobby both probably stocked their Christmas-related goods in August, and I’m sure that playing Christmas music as soon as they can helps get people in the spirit to buy their products. 

However, it’s two weeks away from Thanksgiving, and I can’t even walk in a store without hearing Santa Baby or All I Want for Christmas is You. 

I love Christmas just as much as the next consumer. It is a fun, festive time which causes my shriveled, Grinch heart to grow three times in size, but I don’t need two months or more of Christmas. 

I believe corporations stretch out holidays to profit as much as they possibly can. 

We accept this as a society and by the time we actually get to the holiday we waited for, it feels like celebrated it months ago. 

I like Christmas music and believe it’s special, which is why it should be played only after Thanksgiving. Otherwise, we’ll become as fatigued and jaded as a Kohl’s employee who has heard Holly Jolly Christmas five times in one day.