Month: November 2020

On campus

Oracle Editors offer parting words of wisdom

It is a scary time to be graduating college. No matter when students graduate though, it is always scary.  As freshmen, we were eager to learn, grow, make connections and gain experience before graduating and joining the real world. Now, as graduation grows closer, our excitement is becoming eclipsed by […]

On campus

Congratulations Graduates

Dear Graduates, We are proud of your accomplishments and proud that you are receiving your diploma from Tennessee Tech! You have worked hard to reach this point in your life. You have sacrificed and persisted. You have fought and survived. You have made it through the challenges in front of […]


Volunteers needed for the TSSAA BlueCross Bowl

Tennessee will continue to play home field to the TSSAA BlueCross Bowl. Tech’s coveted Tucker Stadium has been the home venue to the illustrious event since 2009. Tucker Stadium, opened in 1966, and named after former Golden Eagle coach Wilburn Tucker, seats 12,500 adoring fans of the game.  The event […]

On campus

What Now?

You are going to graduate! Yea!  Congratulations!  You did it!  We are so proud of you!  “So now what?”  This is a question that is asked by hundreds of thousands of college graduates across the country.  The answer may not be what you want to hear.   “Around 53% of recent […]

Off campus

Alumni pave the way to success

Tennessee Tech was established well over 100 years ago,  and in that time many notable alumni have left their legacy here on campus.  Lonnie Warwick attended Tech from 1961 to 1963 where he played football for the Golden Eagles. Warwick went into the NFL where he began his career with […]


Seth Speaks Volumes

Why Rocket League is Amazing Casually and Competitively  Rocket League is an amazing Esport for any college student to try out if they are trying to become a professional gamer. It is the perfect combination of skill and fun all into one. Rocket League is the video game version of […]

On campus

Homecoming changes brought new events

The 90th Tech homecoming looked a little different this year. Tech’s virtual and socially distanced homecoming week took place Nov. 9-13.  In total Tech had 10 events and competitions. The winners for each competition and the overall winners were announced in an empty Tucker Stadium on Friday. The ceremony was […]

Election News

Mass media sparks controversy in elections

After the presidential election, Americans have questioned the integrity of the media. Election controversy began by allegations of voter fraud followed by the media declaring a winner in certain states before all votes were counted.  In America, the right to vote in a fair and free election is a basic […]

On campus

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child began in 1993, with the mission to provide God’s love in a triangle way to children in need around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. The event is founded by Samaritan’s Purse. ( Purse is a […]

Off campus

Things will get hairy for No-Shave November

No-Shave November is an annual trend in the United States. Despite being a popular hashtag and challenge online, many people have no idea where the trend originates from.  No-Shave November is a month-long practice where the participant is not allowed to do any kind of shaving or grooming for the […]