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Meals within a Mile: The coffee capitals of Cookeville

Callie Smith Cookeville is the home of many favorite local coffee shops for Tech students to commune. Students gather here to study, converse and enjoy their extra supplement of energy. Within a mile of Tech’s campus is Poet’s Coffee, SoulCraft and Vertical Coffee. Full disclaimer: I fall into a minority […]

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Honoring the stories, love and losses from WWII

Tucked inside Six Years to Sunrise, there is a scrap of paper, written in Catherine Hoff Lafear’s  handwriting, “Jeg deg elsker, bestemor.” Because of those we honor on Veterans’ Day, stories like the Hoff’s are preserved with a grace that cannot be replicated. In English, it reads, “I love you, […]


Breast Cancer can happen before 40

October is widely known and celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Photo provided by Pixababy. October is largely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While it is most common in women who are 50 years old or older, pre-menopause breast cancer should not be ignored.  Those who have a personal […]


Freshmen Shouldn’t Be Forced to Live On Campus

Pictured is residence hall New Hall South. Tech’s housing policy states all freshmen are required to live on campus their first year. (bobbergdesigns.com) Photo by Oracle staff. Living in a dorm tends to be a rite of passage for college students everywhere. Unfortunately for many freshmen at Tech, they aren’t […]


“Divisive Concepts” Bill is a Disservice to Students

With its newly passed legislation, Tennessee is sure to become the next state to enact a law controlling how “divisive concepts” are addressed on college campuses. Over the last year, lawmakers across the country have largely focused on the K-12 level when introducing such laws — but, as the Tennessee […]