Tech enrollment continues to soar for fifth consecutive year

Tech student enrollment for the Spring 2009 semester climbed 3.7 percent, continuing a five-year upward trend. Headcount enrollment is up 331 students from last year. Our headcount enrollment this semester totals 9,254, compared to 8,923 for the same time last year. Spring enrollment reached record levels in spring 2005 with 8,143 students, and continued in 2006 (8,265), 2007 (8,540), and 2008 (8,923), and continues through the present.

Gains were seen in Agriculture, Biology, Accounting and Secondary Education. Losses were noted in Craft Certificates, Basic Business and Pre-Med.

Spring enrollment tends to be lower than fall but seems to be a good indicator for strong fall numbers as well.

For a more in-depth look at enrollment go to www.tntech.edu and search “spring enrollment 2009.