Sweet Sallie’s couples the bitter and sweet on the West Side

If you’re in search of that perfect cupcake and coffee combination, head to the West Side and look for Sallie. Located on North Oak by the historic depot museum, Sweet Sallies Bakery and Café pairs the simple pleasure of fresh-baked cupcakes with Tennessee-roasted espresso and brews.But Sallie’s has roots in the baker’s kitchen before the café. Owner Beth McWilliams, first name Sallie (after her baker grandmother), has been baking wedding and event cakes for years. After having her first child, McWilliams decided to spring a startup.

“I knew one day I’d like to open a bakery or restaurant of some kind,” McWilliams said. “I was already in the cake baking business.”

McWilliams presents a sprawling variety of cupcakes in shop, keeping it sweet and simple.

“People would be so happy to come in and have a small treat,” McWilliams recalled, of the reason behind the miniature delights.

Helming the bar, café manager Liz Kassera brings years of experience, balancing the coffee side where McWilliams is green. And with beans roasted as close as Nashville, Kassera boasts “the freshest.”

“(Drew’s Brews) roasts it,” Kassera said, “and sends its off the next day.

“(Drew) tries to get estate beans, which gives the farmers of that estate great pride.” Estate beans are collected from one farm instead of compiled from various farms.

“He’s dedicated. He’s a fantastic roaster and we’re lucky he’s exclusive to Sweet Sallie’s.”

Together, McWilliams and Kassera have formed Sweet Sallie’s in their shared vision.

“Building a coffee shop from nothing was great,” McWilliams said. “We got to form our ideas into this place.”

“It was kind of serendipitous,” Kassera added. “I couldn’t say no,” particularly after working independent coffee to corporate and back again.

But Sallie’s, McWilliams said, is for all people.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable here.”

“Mothers with kids, students, workers, anybody” Kassera added.

For art enthusiasts and buyers, Sallie’s will feature a local artist each month.

“We’re switching it up each month,” McWilliams said. “We’re doing consignment on pottery and would like to have art openings for each artist of the month.”

A feature specific to Sallie’s is the “Friends of the Earth” discount. Customers who walk, bike, skate, or the like get 10 percent off of their purchases. Now keeping it green outside can help keep it green in your wallet.

For information about Sweet Sallie’s Bakery and Café, visit www.sweetsallies.com.