Health Services offers affordable medical attention, prescriptions

Examinations and affordable medications are offered throughout the semester by the J.J. Oakley Campus Health Services regardless of your health insurance.”There is a health services fee incorporated into your general services fee,” Randy Tompkins, supervisor for health services, said. “It’s $20 per student, per semester.”

After paying the fee during registration, there is no additional cost to be seen by staff and there is no cost to be treated for minor illnesses or conditions. These include influenza, upper respiratory issues, minor injuries and lacerations, urinary tract infections, gastro intestinal problems, and many others.

Prescriptions will cost students, but the price is minimal.

“The average cost of medicine is $5 to $7,” Head Nurse Cynthia Tompkins said.

The price of medicine listed is the cost of a prescription without health insurance. According to the staff, it’s important to stop by health services if needed regardless of your health insurance situation.

The medicine prices are from a state which is bid out by the state government.

“We buy generics on a state contract,” Randy Tompkins said. “We try to save students the most money we can.”

Health services receives the medications from Cardinal Health, a distributor.

“The contract is handled by the purchases department,” Randy Tompkins said. “We buy some vaccines directly, such as meningitis, but that’s because only one company makes it.”

“[Seeing staff] is done on a walk-in basis,” Randy Tompkins said. “There is no need for an appointment.”

However, health services recommends planning an appointment for certain procedures, especially regarding women’s health.

Health services is located at the corner of 7th Street and Mahler Avenue on the east side of the Nursing and Health Services Building.

For more information, go to http://www.tntech.edu/healthservices/home/.