Derryberry Art Gallery showing various artists throughout the Spring semester

The Joan Derryberry Art Gallery allows Tech students and faculty as well as the community to experience different kinds of art. It enriches the lives of the people who take full advantage of the art gallery. Artists come in from all over the country to show Cookeville’s community their works. Each month Tech brings in a new artist from around the country, ranging from photographers to environmentalist artist and even paper cutters.

The professional artists displaying their work, also host a gallery talk. This allows the students and the community to come and listen to the artist talk about how they make their work, where they make it, and what inspires them.

“The artists who come to Tech provide an opportunity for the students to think deeply,” Arthur LaBar, chair of the music and art department said.

All works of art are so different from each other and having artist come to Tech says a lot about Tech’s belief that all students should be offered cultural enrichment.

“We have tons of media options; Facebook, TV, and the students are all so busy with their work, but sitting down and studying art is a window in the soul,” LaBar said.

Art can teach us a new way to think, listen, and even believe. That is why it is important to take advantage of what is offered here at Tech.

The artists coming to the Joan Derryberry Art Gallery in the Spring semester are: Jack Girard’s Collage/Mixed from Feb. 16 to March 20, Jennifer Torres’s Sculpture work from March 22 to April 9, and Sami Lange’s Printmaking from April 12 to May 7.