Too much parking?

Here are some comments on last week’s “Letter to the Editor.”

Tech does promote “responsible and legal” parking. They’re called parking tickets. Tech Police write a ridiculous amount of them, but people still park where is convenient for them. As a tour guide, I heard many statements on how beautiful the campus is already. And Tech does “give other universities in the state a run for their money.”

Where would you move thousands of parking spots off of campus? Tech is pretty landlocked. And how about the millions of dollars that would cost?! For those of you that don’t know, Tech has a master plan that includes tons of new facilities, beautification, green areas, and yes, even a parking garage.

The administration is constantly doing things to improve the quality of education at Tech, which includes keeping your education affordable by finding cheaper janitorial services and cutting the cost of printing. You would be astounded if you saw the amount of paper that was needlessly wasted by students.

The decision to charge for printing and possibly lay off janitors will be made “to provide leadership and outstanding programs.” – TTU Mission Statement

Don’t expect every problem Tech has to be gone before you graduate; be patient. Investing in our educational system will be one of the things that will help right the course of this country. “How can I invest as a broke college student?”

Give your opinion to an administrator or your SGA senator; their jobs are to make your voice heard. Don’t go home on the weekends and become involved in a student organization. Student groups are the lifeblood of TTU.

And lastly, if you can’t have any faith in Tennessee Tech and its administrators, well maybe you should just transfer and take your complaining elsewhere.