Seth Speaks Volumes: NFL Star gives $1 million to Nashville School

Jalen Ramsey, a star cornerback in the National Football League, has donated 1 million dollars to Purpose Preparatory Academy in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. This helps shine a positive light during a negative year.  Jalen Ramsey has been playing in the NFL since being picked in the 1st round […]

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Seth Speaks Volumes

The National Basketball Association finals have finished this year with the Lakers defeating the Miami Heat 4-2 in Game 6 of the Finals. Lebron James was able to achieve another NBA Finals championship and NBA Most Valuable Player award. Does this solidify Lebron James being one of the best players […]

On campus Opinion

Scholarship Hours

Tech scholarship recipients sometimes find that their prizes come with a cost: from writing “thank you” notes to maintaining a certain GPA, the expectations are pretty standard. However, between full-time study and bills to pay, some students find themselves in a bind with the academic service scholarship, which requires them […]


Opinion: Plant-based diets

It is a pretty big misconception that those with a plant-based diet eat rabbit food.   In fact, it has never been easier to swap meat for an alternative. Even fast food chains are starting to cater to plant-based diets.   Ever since Burger King came out with the Impossible […]


Web development: A gap in education

When I joined The Iris Review, Tennessee Tech’s creative literary magazine, the faculty advisor asked if anyone could take care of the website.   Whether the students were intimidated by the task or unsure how to start, nobody seemed willing to volunteer. Since then I’ve realized a gap in our […]


Fitting exercise into your schedule

Work-life balance is nonexistent in college, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your physical health. Here are some ways to take care of yourself, even with the class crunch.   First, how much free time do you have for working out? Less than 30 minutes? On days when […]


Fine Arts Inquiry

Many disheartening ideas surround fine arts: you won’t get a job, if you do it won’t pay well, and you’ll regret it. Between the student debt crisis and the starving artist dilemma, fine arts seems to be a risky choice. However, the horizon is not as bleak as it seems. […]