Printers, water, food

Tennessee Tech resident hall tenants could soon be able to print their assignments without having to leave their building.

The Student Government Association passed three bills at this week’s meeting, including a bill designed to provide printers in all of Tech’s dorms, with the exception of Maddox-McCord, which already provides printers.

At least one printer will be provided in the study rooms of each dorm, and an ID scanner will be in place for student-only access, similar to the Angelo and Jennette Volpe Library.

Originally the bill, “The New Hall Printing Kiosk Act of 2014,” was designed to benefit residents of New Hall North and New Hall South, but was changed after members of the senate voiced concerns that it would discriminate the other dorms.

“By no means should we stop at the New Halls,” said Lydia Cantrell, senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, who presented the bill in place of the author, Will Schenk. “I don’t see why the traditional halls on Capitol Quad shouldn’t have the same opportunity. Will just wanted to get the ball rolling, and he thought the New Halls would be a good place to start.”

Bills that were also passed include “The Hydration Installment Act of 2014,” designed to provide hydration stations in the library, and “An Act to Provide Refreshments for University Committees During Dead Hour,” constructed to arrange lunch for members of the SGA who have University committee meetings during dead hour.

However, not all of the bills presented were as fortunate.

“The Community Garden Act of 2014” failed to pass in the senate. The bill was designed to establish a half-acre community garden on Tech’s campus. Despite receiving support from senators during discussion, the bill failed because of past attempts to start this project.

“The senators felt that the bill would not be implemented because, in the past, other organizations and student groups have tried to have a community garden on campus, but have hit roadblocks by Facilities,” said SGA President Emily McDonald.